Saturday, January 16, 2010

How to make a fluffy tutu

So my babies are getting ready to turn a year old soon and I really wanted to make them some tutu's and really didn't feel like purchasing 2 of them. So I scoured the internet for how-to's on how to make them. All the ones that I found were the same basic instructions, and they didn't come out as full as i really wanted or like the ones that you could purchase would be. I found several kinda different instructions and complied them in to one and here are the instructions. (click on any of the pictures to make them bigger)

Here is my finished product.

So I purchased my tulle from Joann's but it doesn't really mater where you get it from. Mine is really fully and i used quite a bit of tulle. I went into making mine not knowing how much i would need. I purchased 3 colors, 6.11 yards of pink, 6.11 yards of purple and 3.05 yards of orange. The odd amounts are because it was what i could as many cuts out of with the least amount of waste. I cut my tulle in strips 6 inches wide and 22 inches long. I was able to make 1 full tutu and have left overs. I wasn't able to finish my second one though. You could use less and it wouldn't be as fluffy.

So moving right along.

Like i said i cut strips of tulle 22" x 6". Using a rotary cutter and straight ruler made this a breeze.

Next take your elastic (i used 1/2"inch) and i took a rough estimate of the length that i needed and pinned it. I didn't want to permanently secure it right now because several sites i read people having problems because when they tied their knots it stretched out the elastic.

here's mine around my tea jug

Now I did 3 layers of tulle. You can do 2 or 3 depending on how full you want it. I took 3 layers of tulle and folded it in half and then thread it behind my elastic and found the middle point.

Here is where alot of the instructions told me to do something different.

I tied the tulle in a single knot

and then again to make a "double knot"

Notice that when i tied my first knot i didn't make it really tight, it was the second knot that was the tightest. I didn't want to stretch the elastic out. I pulled the knot up towards the top of the elastic band.

I got 3 more strips of tulle and tied the it the same way, except this time I moved the knot to the middle of the elastic. Again, 3 more stripes of tulle and and tied the knot. This time i moved the knot all the way towords the bottom of the elastic.

The picture really shows it best you can see the left knot start up high, then the middle lower, and the last knot is at the bottom of the elastic. This is what gives the tutu alot of body. Squish the knots as close as you can without stretching the elastic too much.

The next knot you make will start going back up the elastic again, so it will be in the center, and then the following knot will be at the top again.

Here is 5 knots going from high to low and back to high again.

Continue to work around the elastic, the more you squish the tulle together the fluffier it will be and remember not to stretch the elastic too much.

I worked with 3 colors. 2 primary and an accent. You can do what ever pattern you like, but I did it in this way. Knot 1: Color 1, Color 2, Color 1. Knot 2: Color 2, Color 1, Color 2. Knot 3: Color 1, Color 2, Color 3. Then started all over again.

Once you get close to the end of your elastic, measure the tutu around your subject and tack the ends together, either by hand sewing it together, machine sewing, or i even read of using a stapler.

Once the ends are secure, finish tying your knots around it and your done!

Clear as mud right :D


  1. Can you explain "I took 3 layers of tulle and folded it in half and then thread it behind my elastic and found the middle point"

  2. she layed 3 pices on top of each other

  3. Beautiful skirt. I dont quite understand the knoting part of it though I think im missing something. :(

  4. So glad I found this! Way better than the other. Much fuller and fluffy!